VORTEK Mündungsbremse MuzzlePRO

VORTEK Mündungsbremse MuzzlePRO

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MUZZLE-PRO D.A.C Mündungsbremse mit innenliegendem Air-Stripper

Passend für 16mm Läufe, auch mit Kornprisma.

Folgend die Originalbescheibung von der Vortek USA Seite, Übersetzung folgt:

VORTEK Muzzle Brake with exclusive Internal ‚Air Stripper‘ having concave-design with internal muzzle seat to keep barrel alignment upon firing. A unique VACUM CAP that gives a pellet an air bearing bleed, allowing expansion away from the energy to flow axially and out of brake.

Adds approximately 50mm to the length of gun providing additional cocking leverage and guards crown area of muzzle against damage.
Precision machined and ground surface at a length of just 130mm weighting in a lite. 3 oz. Very well balanced excellent ground surface finish and color with performance.

No sight grove filing require. Slide split sleeve over and down barrel. Next Muzzle-Pro unit turn slot in-line with barrels sight groves (if any) and push on. Slide split sleeve into rear of muzzle brake and tighten provided set screw. Ready to use!

Current Barrel fitting size ~ 16mm (.629″)
Most HWs of moderate power including, HW95, Beeman R9, RWS34 and others.
Please measure barrel for accomodating fit.
Clearance caliber .25 cal

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